Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holby City

Not a programe that I normally watch, but, for some reason I did last night.


I really have not got a clue.

People injured in an RTC (Road Traffic Collision), taken straight to a ward without even a thought for A&E or is this the 'New streamlined NHS' that the Health Secretary is after. After all, it would save money by not having A&E. Think about the savings for wages of Doctors, Nurses, Reception Staff and A&E Porters as well as the equipment that is only used there and building maintenance.

If we are going to go straight to the wards, does this mean a big pay rise because we can now diagnose injuries and illnesses without any diagnostic or x-ray equipment.

The other part of it is, how many ambulance crews are going to be stuck trying to offload a patientinto a ward with no beds. It's bad enough in A&E on a busy night.


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