Thursday, October 12, 2006

A different kind of stupid!

We were called to a lady in her late forties having an asthma attack. We were called by her son.

When we got there she refused treatment and transport to hospital.


Because she was fasting for 'Ramadan'

Even her son and her husband couldn't understand her reasons behind this. Our treatment for asthma doesn't break any of the rules for Ramadan. She did however agree that if the problem was still happening at sunset 6:00pm, she would call us back. (At this point it could have been life threatening).

Unfortunately, I don't know the outcome.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Parenting skills

Picture the scene. The crew are given a job as '2 month old with difficulty in breathing and not feeding'.

As you would expect with a job like this, the crew got there as fast as safety allows.

When they get there they find the baby laying on the parents bed, screaming and blowing bubbles. The parents are ignoring the baby. There are also 2 older siblings running around.

The attendant picks the baby up, and, after a few seconds a loud 'burp' is heard as some wind is released. Not suprisingly, the baby becomes quite settled.

When the crew question the parents, they find out that the baby hasn't been feeding for the last 2 hours, has had no problems since birth and isn't allergic to anything. During this time the baby decides to want some milk, (no suprises there).

The crew ask if they still want the baby to go to hospital. The parents decide that they still want to go and dad takes the baby with the crew to spend at least a couple of hours in A & E while mum stays at home.

Is it just me, or, is this a waste of time?