Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It’s not all about medicine

We were called to a lady in a GP surgery. We were told it was an asthma attack. How wrong can a GP be.

The young lady in question was having a panic attack. After spending about 30 minutes calming her down and returning her breathing to something like normal, we managed to persuade her to go out to the ambulance for us to check her over.

After a long chat in the ambulance where we were told that she had a problem with alcohol and getting over a messy divorce, she decided that she didn’t want to got to hospital but wanted to go home.

So after convincing her that we would take her, off we went.

After arriving, my crewmate made a cuppa while we made sure that she was alright, was going to speak to her other half and would seek proper help, we left her with her other half.